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    GRÈS - nude leggings with draped wrap mini skirt
    in superfine/ stretch tulle, multilayered & lined where needed.
    180,00 €
    ELEANOR LIGHT – red leotard with straps
    in superfine/second skin jersey with smock detailing, double layered.
    from 110,00 €
    MONO 4

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    POLKA-TULLE – blue short square skirt
    double layered super soft jacquard tulle for fluid movement.
    80,00 €
    CRYSTAL LIGHT– blue leotard with sleeves
    in printed, superfine/second skin jersey, double layered where needed.
    95,00 €
    CRYSTAL LIGHT – classic leotard - negative
    in printed, superfine/second skin jersey, double layered .
    75,00 €

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