CHEVRON NATURAL - black laced back leotard

CHEVRON NATURAL - black laced back leotard

Price with VAT:
135,00 €
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in luxury/body shape jersey with natural touch and technical properties.







Suitable for water activities.


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- Two-way stretch

- Excellent UV protection

- Exceptional breathability

- Perfect fit

- Excellent coverage

- Natural fiber on the inside

- Machine wash at 40°C. Iron at maximum temperature 110°C. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

- Use washing bag to protect your garment.

Our membership is available to dancers, choreographers, ballet masters, yoga teachers, fitness trainers and to those who are professionally engaged in any other kind of activity. Student discount applies to dancers under the age of 21, who are training to become professionals. To enroll, please fill out the application and email us your professional documentation. You will receive an email within a couple of days confirming your membership and including the code for a discount. Professionals and students receive a 20% discount. 


Membership discount is not valid in conjunction with other promotions. In case the 'special offer' section has a better deal, you should purchase a wanted item without the membership code.


If you are a professional in a company, you will need to provide a screenshot of your name listed on your company's site or your membership card.


We also accept documents listed below (Required professional identification must be current (within one year) and indicate your name and specific profession). You will need two of the following:


- program, video or press material with your name and profession

- professional website or social media page

- certificate/diploma.


Student dancers should provide a membership card of their school or company. Documentation can also be a receipt, confirmation of your program payment or a confirmation of a class schedule. All documents must include first and last name, school name, program name, start and end dates and must be from an eligible school.


Find Membership application for professionals here.

CHEVRON – black long sleeved/laced back leotard
in high quality/body shape jersey with technical properties.
Price with VAT:
173,00 €

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CHEVRON NATURAL - ice laced back leotard
in luxury/body shape jersey with natural touch and technical properties.
Price with VAT:
135,00 €

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PAMELA PUMP-UP – ice gray leotard
in luxury/body shape jersey with natural touch and technical properties, bra cups for impeccable décolleté.
Old price with VAT:
120,00 €
Discount price with VAT:
84,00 €

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THE HAMPTONS – black strapped back leotard
in luxury/body shape jersey with natural touch and technical properties.   
Price with VAT:
110,00 €
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